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Is it just me or has Carmilla been wearing more color since revealing her tragic backstory to Laura? She has a blue shirt on the past two episodes and a green one in the preview. Also I think the whole issue of overprotectiveness is why we won't see Laura wearing the bat wing bracelet in the future


Oh wow! Keen eye! I hadn’t even noticed that! Awwww Laura bringing the color back into Carmilla’s life! <3

Yeah, the bat wing thing… I think it’s totally up to Laura whether she wears it or not. Carmilla gave it to her as an option ya know? Cuz she cares and stuff. I mean, it’s probably a good idea to wear it most of the time. But I’d like to see her take it off and take a chance with Carmilla. :)

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Hi, I had a question about your post you made about Danny and Carmilla? I was just wondering how Danny with her white knight complex treats Laura any more like a kid than Carmilla does by repeatedly calling her "a child." Or was this purposely thought out by the cast and crew to have Laura constantly be looked down upon, by her father, Danny, Carmilla, etc. Thanks!


I think Carmilla’s belittling of Laura was more focused at the beginning, before she really knew Laura. And it’s also more of a method of keeping people at a distance. Much like being a crappy roommate is. In Carmilla’s mind, if Laura dislikes her, maybe she’ll move out and no one will get hurt. But then Carmilla started to get to know Laura, and if you’ll notice, she hasn’t really been belittling Laura much lately. And she lets her fight her own battles. And I think that when Carmilla does belittle Laura on occasion, it’s basically her trying to reinforce the idea that caring about Laura is dangerous and she’s just trying to put more distance between them. It’s the “I’m being an asshole because if I care about you, you’re in danger” thing. And as long as Carmilla believes Laura doesn’t like her back, she’s fine with it. But when she finds out Laura DOES care, I don’t think she’ll push her away anymore. Much like earlier in the series when they had their “date.” Except hopefully minus the ambushing this time lol.

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laura standing up for herself is so so so important

as much as I adore Danny, props to the writers for pointing out that having a savior complex isn’t romantic and that it’s important to respect your partner’s ability to make their own choices and decisions.